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Agency Services


PR, Media Relations & Digital Community Building

Yes, we'd love to help you tell your story and get the word out.

For us that means defining and expanding the online conversations about your company's brand - whether it's on news sites, influential blogs or within social networks where your customers and other key stakeholders interact. The most powerful, wide-reaching and cost-effective way to build your company's reputation is through use of the new Web 2.0 channels.

Of course, traditional media still play a large role. There we can help too.

Whether you want to target local/regional media or national/global  exposure, we providei press release writing, newswire distribution, media pitching, online media exposure, search optimization, feature article placements and media training.


Strategy and Planning

From fundamental primary and secondary market research processes to product launches, reintroductions, campaigns and ongoing market strategy, it's our joy to help client companies show how they are truly unique. Where are your early adopters? Who is part of your most loyal fanbase?  What path can we forge or identify that will allow both a broader and deeper knowledge of what you do best? 

Direct Marketing

We support online and offline methods of lead generation, marketing program creation and, above all, e-marketing programs. Actually- not to brag- but we built some of the internet industry's pioneering direct marketing programs.  We research and choose the latest and most powerful technologies and channels, integrating with offline programs.

Venture Capital Funding Preparation

Need business plan development, marketing guidance on financials, marketing asset evaluation or investor presentation training?

Since we've been part of executive teams that achieved funding, we've been on this trail before to help guide you.  Refining the messaging early let's us help you achieve "escape velocity" on later stage product launches.


How we work with clients

In its broadest sense, public relations is the marketing interface between public perception and your company.

The art and science of public relations is in defining what exact message on which channels (tv, print, internet, mobile communications, etc.) will appear at what time to allow your company to become part of the ongoing conversation.

How do we start? We first review your company's marketing fundamentals against what exists in the market today. We do this through a process of discovery, coupling due diligence with executive management interviews to reveal your company's best positioning.

And yes, this requires some market research: Knowing your industry, tracking recent and ongoing 'watershed' marketing events and making sure your company is at the crest of those events. Such is the nature of markets that at any given time there's a leader, a key product, or perhaps a new concept that drives your market. Finding the key elements to make your company and product(s) successful is a key part of our collaborative marketing plan.



To learn more about our client discovery process, give us a call or contact us via email.